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Fact of Life!   You only get what you pay for!  

Hiring the inspector that quoted you the cheapest inspection fee is a "red flag" 

An inexpensive inspection is typically a sign of a lack of thoroughness,  experience, training, no insurance or credentials.

The home inspection industry in the State of California is unregulated and requires no State Licensing, no business license, no experience or training of any kind AND No Insurance!

This means that anyone can set themselves up in business and call themselves a home inspector, whether they are experienced in home construction or have taken home inspection training, OR NOT!   

The State of Nevada requires that Inspectors be Certified by the Real Estate Department and obtain continuing educational credits to maintain and renew their license.  Checking with the Department of Real Estate to confirm that the inspector you are contemplating hiring to perform your inspection is an easy process. 

AHIS has been performing home inspections for 23 years with many more years in the construction industry. 

We carry E&O and General Liability Insurance and receive continuing education each year as required by our Associations and by the State of Nevada.

We are Full Time Professionals dedicated to providing a thorough complete inspection.

Experience is not's priceless.

Please call us now for a quote.

 Isn't your peace of mind worth it?