About Us

 I would like to take some time and provide you with some background information about Debbie and I so that you can link this with our qualifications and have a better understanding of who may be doing your home inspection.

Unlike most professionals that you deal with, you may not have the opportunity to meet us until after you hire our company.

After graduating from high school I spent 4 years in the military as a Communications Technician.    During that time I studied to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) through a correspondence school.    I wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up so while in high school my electives ranged from Mechanical Drawing, Wood Shop, Metal Shop and Auto Shop to Accounting, Business Law & Economics.

After leaving the military (with an honorable discharge!) I went to work for PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric Co.) in Northern California as a General Construction Linesmen building transmission lines and changes towns from 4KV to 12KV systems for a little over 3 years.      Not wanting to travel away from my family any longer I left PG&E to work for a local electrician for over 5 years installing Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical systems.      During that time I moonlighted after work and on weekends doing residential jobs. 

My construction back ground came from my father who was a builder for part of his life.  My Dad, Mom, Brother and myself built the home that I grew up in north of Redding, CA

In my mid 30's while visiting my sister in Vancouver, BC  I met Debbie at a birthday party for my brother in law and within a couple of years we married and moved to Incline Village, NV.    I can honestly say that she has been the greatest asset to my life and business over the 30+ years we have been together.     We have worked together to build our inspection business to the success that it is.  

Debbie was always the daughter helping her father who when not on active duty as a firefighter in Vancouver, Canada was building or remodeling every home that they lived in.

In high school she directed her course towards business.    She was an office manager for a CPA  firm when we met and while living in Incline Village, NV she was the office manager for a physical therapy clinic for 5 years. 

After inspecting several homes for friends (for no fee) we saw that an inspection company with high standards and ethics, a knowledge of construction and a willingness to provide great service and a professional & thorough   report  was needed!    American Home Inspection Services was born. 

That was over 26 years ago and we are proud to say that we are here for you still.

 In our off time, we thoroughly enjoy the mountains and lakes that we have right here in the Sierra's.    We will typically take a long weekend off opposed to weeks of vacation time.   We don't' have to travel far to enjoy the nature that this area has to offer.  We spend our time off in the high country somewhere or floating on a nearby lake.

With the purchase of your home in our area, we welcome you and know that you will enjoy the Sierras for many years to come as we have with no plans to leave.

 If you choose AHIS for your home inspection, I promise you that we will give you our very best effort.

Thank you for talking your time to read through all of this and I hope that we can be of service to you and your family.


Jim Webster,